Smartthings, Harmony Elite, Kodi

Finally got some ge switches installed in my theater room. I’m looking for the ability when I hit play in Kodi the lights turn off and when I pause the lights dim up to a certain amount. I have the lights mapped to a button and can do manually but would be nice to have auto. Thanks

I believe you are looking for something like this:


i would use for this. Bitwise is another name for it. It allows Macros to be written to do everything at the touch of one button on the ipad. I Push my Kodi button & the AV receiver changes to the correct input, the TV goes to HDMI1 the Lights are dimmed and the iPad shows a full functioning menu for Kodi

If you are a DIY person look into

Simple Control



Thanks for reply, will take look at all. But not looking to add any more remotes since already have the Elite.