Kodi, smart things, bluray

Its been awhile since ive been on here so hope im in the right section. Forgive me if im in error.

Can smart things control, or work with kodi?

For example, if i click on a movie and want a lighting scene to start automatically. Can it do that? Or have the lights raise if I pause it?

If so can i preprogram the lighting scenes for certain movies? Like if i select avatar can i ore program blue and green scene while other movies might just be dimmed etc?

If so what requirements would I need or links would be helpful? Assuming its even possible, i have a feeling its too specific. Thanks!

You can search the forum, several people have done this project in the past, but I have no idea if it works with the new platform or not. Most of those threads are several years old. :thinking:

@joshua_lyon had a working project at one point, he might have some more to add.

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