Smartthings kodi (xbmc) Amazon echo

(Chad Cunningham) #1

Anyone get Amazon echo to controll kodi? Would be awesome if I could play, stop, ask to play a current name of show EP.

(Bruce Ouellette) #2

I would also be very interested in this

(Christopher Murphy) #3

Me too. I can’t find anything on doing this

(Jad2121) #4

(Jason F) #5

I just found this:

Does exactly what you want, but you have to mess around in an Amazon developer account (they’ll let you sign up for one, though - it’s easy) and build a skill. They make it pretty straightforward to do it.

I believe this should still work fine with the various ST/Kodi apps people have been building around here - those appear to be good for things like lighting control based on the state of Kodi (or conversely, Kodi control based on the state of things that ST is reading from - like pause when a doorbell rings and whatnot).