Smartthings Hardware being licensed to Aeotec?

@JDRoberts, your link has an error.

Sorry about that, Zendesk treats a request for a manual as a support request and it times out. I’ve updated it with the link from the product page at the zwave alliance product listing.

@JDRoberts, thanks for the PDF. I read through that. Can I just edit the default DTH and remove the temperature capability?

As @JDRoberts mentioned, you can, but if you need all of the attributes (i.e. the main reason you’d buy this sensor) then the reported ‘2 year battery life’ is a load of rubbish.

I keep mine in a room with a Hot Tub, thus I use lux for blind control, temp and humidity to control dew points and motion for security (contrary to @RottenMutt 's assumptions in his sarky ‘you only need motion’ comment above.)

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Re Hot tub, I have a temperature sensor in a bag floating in my hottub but the temperature is not what the hot tub thermometer says, but does allow me to ask alexa what the temperature is, I would like a switchbot on the temperature switch in the future , do you use any sensor in the tub I’m not aware off? Cheers Darren

Unless the device was specifically made for this purpose, do not put battery powered devices in an airtight container, including a plastic bag. Batteries outgas over time and it becomes a potential fire hazard if not properly vented.

If this is a device made for that purpose, of course, that’s a whole different situation.

Usually the safest temperature sensor for any liquid is one that attaches to a non-powered probe. The probe goes in the water, the part with the radio stays outside. if you’re interested in that approach, see the following thread:

Temperature Sensor With Probe?



That wouldn’t affect the battery life, because it wouldn’t change how often the device reports. You have to do that in the firmware by changing the parameters with a reconfiguration.


Maybe this was already posted, but Aeotec shows 2 products on their website for “Z-Wave Gateways”: The SmartThings Hub, and an “Aeotec AutoPilot”. Not sure what the latter is, but it appears to be a hub (totally unrelated to SmartThings).

They also have an interesting page on Z-Wave 700 series. I’m really intrigued about a 700 series hub (and no, I’m not interested in Hubitat). This page doesn’t seem to have anything to do with any hubs, though. It only lists their end devices that run the 700 series chips.

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Too bad the ST hardware business wasn’t sold to a more capable company like GE or Amazon. I don’t think Aeotec will be able to support the platform well.


Autopilot I think was a product that came out of their acquisition of Popp. it was the first certified z-wave 700 series gateway, but I don’t think it’s on sale yet. Hubitat got that honor.


GE isn’t a hardware company anymore for any consumer-facing devices. Their brand is licensed to Jasco for Home automation and has been for many years. And head to head Aeotec devices compared to Jasco are better engineered with more advanced technology.

Aeotec is one of the leading Z wave manufacturers around the world. My concern is that they have no experience with Zigbee.


For someone like me with mostly Zwave devices, this Aeotec deal is not bad news, although I really need more specifics. I have some Aeotec devices that work well, and they are bigger then many think. Not, “Samsung” big, but I think there is a big commercial market for them. As we’ve seen with Samsung, bigger is not always better anyway. It just adds to the overall uncertainty with everything going on with the platform though. I’ll try and ride the wave as long as it lasts, but it just might not be a bad idea to start thinking of a “plan b” if all goes south.


How I see it, this adds just another layer of bureaucracy between end users and software/firmware releases.

I have an ADT SmartThings hub that hasn’t been updated in years because neither Samsung or ADT will claim responsibility for updating the firmware.



Interesting, so it may not be for all markets

They certified it on the US Z wave frequency. That device is not even legal in the EU.

And they have not yet certified it on the EU frequency. Just sayin’…:wink:


Looks like it’s official now:

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OK, but why has Aeotec certified a hub on the US frequency but so far not on the EU frequency? Proof of concept? :thinking:

I wish someone would edit the title on this thread.

I have never liked the wording with the current one :slight_smile:

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The last paragraph seems to contradict the European Market earlier statement…

Our partnership builds upon Aeotec’s world-class experience and commitment to quality in manufacturing smart home devices. We are pleased to collaborate with a company that customers trust and excited to continue bringing SmartThings into every home around the world.

Must say - I am not feeling the ‘Zigbee Love’ from Aeotec… :wink:

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