Smartthings - Google Home creating duplicate devices

Hey, wondering if anyone can help, Wife has duplicate devices in Google home after linking her smartthings account to Google in order to get smartthings routines working

If I don’t link her ST account in Google home then there is no option for changing the ST “scene”, trigger in Google home - such as good night scene that turns off all the lights and arms the security monitoring.

I did move all the duplicate devices to another “home” creating a “dump” room in the Google home app. However now when she tries to tell Google to turn off a light in a room with only one light it gets confused because there are “two” lights named bedroom light onein each different home.

Anyone got any ideas how can make it all work?

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No words of wisdom, just a warning. This may haunt you forever. Took me 2+ years to successfully dump a Dish Network DVR out of Google Home and I didn’t even have the service anymore.

I have a couple Nest cams and they couldn’t be added to the same Home within the Home app. Google support spent 3 hours with me to come up with no solution other than create another Home within their garbage app.

If Google can’t get things right with their own stuff, don’t expect much out of this situation.

My recommendation, do your best to keep all the routine within SmartThings. Just let Google activate the trigger, like a virtual switch.