Smartthings for multiple apartments in a retirement village

Hi everyone.
I’m wondering if anyone here could share any experiences with running smartthings for multiple homes in close proximity or servicing multiple homes from a single hub. Specifically I’m looking at setting up a solution for several apartments within a retirement village so was wondering;
1 - is there a way you could manage multiple ‘apartments’ separately with 1 hub (i.e. segmenting admin so Franks family can only see Franks apartment status and Freds family can only see his status)?
2 - & is there any known issues with running ‘many’ hubs and sensors in close proximity? Is there any tested limitations in this regard that anyone can share.

Thanks in advance for any help…
Loving SmartThings at my home I just wish you guys would hurry up and start selling in Australia!
cheers, simon

At the present time, you can’t set up different subaccounts for one hub, although a number of people have expressed interest in the idea.

Do all the apartments share the same WiFi or does each have its own WiFi router?

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Awesome idea. We have some things moving on it over here. Nothing official to report yet though :smile:

Thanks JD. Will look fwd to this feature if/when its added. They all share WiFi from the facility.

Thanks Tim. Ill keep my eyes open. Cheers