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I intend to manage many hubs and maintain their ecosystems for a fee for friends in a vacation community and I’m exploring the pros and cons of the various ways of doing this. Since most of the units are rented on occasion there will be no cameras or microphones involved. 1) I create a new account and add every hub as a location and share the location with the unit owner; or 2) I set up a new account for each hub and share the access with the owner; or 3) If someone no longer wants my services or only wants me to install the equipment without maintaining it then I can create their own account and remove the hub from my control. There are probably scenarios I have not considered so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Don,

Our company (Thingterfaces LP) that produces ActionTiles, also provides consulting and development services for commercial scenarios like you describe.

There is no single best solution, but we can help you understand the pros & cons of the various options and establish an ongoing relationship for further coaching, etc. We have been SmartThings users & developers for over 5 years - since the original Kickstarter.

I’ll PM my contact info to you.


Good to know as AT would surely be a part of the plan. When I get the details worked out I will reach out to you.

Thank Terry

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I don’t know what the current state of play is with regard to transferring locations between accounts (quite a while back now it was a few weeks via support), and I also note that an active Samsung user might find things aren’t optimal if their access to a hub used a different account to their other devices. For those reasons, however trivial, I can imagine owners might like the option of having the location on their own account and sharing the location with you (assuming that still gives you full IDE access), though that make things a little more awkward getting things started and may not be an ideal commercial arrangement from your end.

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I cant find any place on the site to PM you, how do I get intouch with you? We own multiple buildings and need advise how to deploy a smart solution to manage buildings


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Please write to Support@ActionTiles.com and we’ll direct you. Thanks!

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