Temperature "Fibaro Motion Sensor" and SmartThings

I have the Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor and according to amazon it says that it does “temperature” readings. I got the Fibaro connected to SmartThings and it sees vibration and motion, but never shows temperature. The battery shows 100%. Does the temperature sensor of the “Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor” work with SmartThings? I have an “Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor” and it has a temperature option that does work with SmartThings and I have no issues with that.

I have reset the “Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor” and let it sit for 6 days hoping it would sync up with temperature, no luck.

I removed the Fibaro Z-Wave Motion Sensor from my smartthings network and reset the battery and connected to back to my smarrtthings network and it still only sees the motion/vibration - which works great but no temperature…

should i return the Fibaro?

Many community members are using it, but you need a custom device handler to get the temperature.

Much discussion and many people who have the device and can help you in the following topic:

If you don’t know what a custom device handler is in SmartThings, then read this FAQ first:

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