Smartthings Existential Crisis - Is it time to leave? (April 2021)

I know what you mean…


those of you leaving should keep in mind that its not perfect with the others either. each has its own pros and cons. with others you have to have a strong understanding of programming. some even ever so quietly sneak back.

Samsung is moving closer with google because google is paying them a boatload of $$$$$. Samsungs problem is they keep introducing things & taking things away. Although i detest apple, samsung should take a page from them. Samsung does not know what the word commitment is. Everything I have is pretty much samsung but sometimes I second guess myself.


Samsung likes to throw darts at the wall and see what sticks. Some features (like screen recording) started with samsung and became a mainstay on other phones. Others (like the iris sensors) end up being phased out.

Iris wasn’t a Samsung product.


No no, I’m referring to the iris scanners on the phones!


Hi Troy,
I don’t seem to find the total connect comfort integration on my app but only the Honeywell home. What should I be looking for?



The TCC integration should be right beside the Honeywell Home integration

I only seem to have one option.



Are you located outside the US/Canada? The TCC integration is restricted by region.

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Well that explains it. TCC isn’t available in the UK currently and Evohome isn’t supported. I’ve heard that it eventually will be though.


Samsung does not exactly “throw darts”. Some of their choices seem deliberately obstructive.

Example: two of my home theater components were integrated into the old platform. A Denon AVR, and a Sony Bravia tv. The Denon works fine now, albeit only for the most basic on-off functionality… but the Sony? I can no longer even turn the Bravia on/off. Yet you can integrate a Samsung tv into ST. It’s right there in the available device type listings.

I’ve not seen a way to get the Bravia working again.

I don’t know of any way to get a direct integration, but if it works with an IR remote, as most televisions from the last 15 years do, you can add a $40 SwitchBot mini hub as an IR blaster, set up scenes in the SwitchBot app, and get limited integration that way. At least you can turn it on and off and switch to specific favorite channels.

And you can get voice control for the all those functions.

I don’t know if that would be of any help, but it is one option since there is a SwitchBot integration for smartthings.

Switchbot - Simple “power on” for some TVs (IR blaster)

Thanks JD. I’ve not been around much the past couple years, as my workload vastly increased with Covid. Good to see you still providing assistance to folks.

Adding yet another remote to the scenario is not feasible though. So I’ll have to live with things as they are for now.

It’s not a remote in the sense that you would manually operate it in any way. It’s just a little box, about half the size of a deck of cards, that gives you automation integration. You still may not want to deal with it, but it’s an option for some people. At our house we use it to add voice control options for the TV in the Guest Room. :sunglasses:

What’s interesting is that there are plenty of functional Bravia remote control apps for both iPad and android, and all they need is a local connection (though it seems they need wireless on the TV). So it can’t be all that hard to do.

Samsung wants to sell Samsung Televisions and Samsung Appliances. That’s all folks need to know to understand their priorities.


A bit of correction here:

Samsung wants to sell NEW Samsung Televisions and NEW Samsung Appliances.

And they don’t care about to integrate the 3-4 years old models anymore. If they are buggy, then they will be, because nobody will fix it anymore.

If you have a bit older TV or Appliance, be happy that it is still working.


if there is an open protocol it’s possible to write an Edge driver for the TV. if not sony has to create one and publish to the ST catalog