SmartThings Energy Monitor...why not Cloud to Cloud with Sense and Emporia

Call this a feature request.

I was messing around in the application and noticed under the Life section there was a section available called “Energy”. I read up on it. Apparently you need either appliances that use it or a UK Electrical meter and in the United States Ameren gets really touchy when you go playing around with their meters and try to replace them. Don’t ask me how I know…

Anyway, for several reasons, I could think a cloud to cloud integration with Sense and Emporia would be perfect for this app.

In addition, if there were a way to allow SmartThings to report when devices turn on or off, that could help those environments better detect devices and accurately report their energy usage.

Again, a feature suggestion.

I would follow this thread. Not live yet on edge, but looks promising

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