SmartThings Energy dashboard

What is the correct way to integrate a Power plug with energy consumption monitoring in the Energy Dashboard?
Currently, only my Aqara Smartplug is used, and I would like to integrate a Zigbee Energy counter that is connected to my main Energy meter.


Unfortunately, at the present time only Samsung smart appliances and a very few other devices can be included in the Energy dashboard. :disappointed_relieved:

As you noted, the Aqara plug is one that works, no one seems quite sure why. Even the SmartThings brand models don’t show up. It’s a mystery. :thinking:

You can try asking support. If you get an answer, let us know.

Here is a previous conversation about the topic, FWIW:

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I have an Aqara smart plug, but it doesn’t show up in Life- energy

Is there some step I need to take?

Could it also be used an an energy level trigger ST automations

I don’t know about the Aqara smart plug, but the Samsung SmartThings Outlets can be used as a trigger in routines, e.g. “Power Meter” “Equal or above” (or “Matches” “Equal or below”, “Range”) which I use to see if AV kit is being used or just in standby mode and can therefore be switched off until used. The Aqara might (should?) be the same.