Devices compatible with energy dashboard?

Hi. I want to make certain plugs in energy dashboard and only one works.

  • Aqara Eu Plug (work)
  • Xiaomi Eu plug (dont)
  • shelly cloud plug s (dont)
    That devices that dont show on energy panel read the energy anyway, but dont in panel.
    Any soluction for that? Why they read the W on the ST app and dont show on energy panel? :sweat_smile:

No one to help with this?

The energy panel was originally designed specifically to read reports from Samsung brand appliances.

Since then, they have added a few additional third-party devices, most notably, as you found, the aqara smart plugs.

But it’s a different project, and I think a different set of developers, than the main smartthings app. So unless the device is from one of the official partners for that project it doesn’t show up. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I would imagine that the powerConsumptionReport capability would be key to devices appearing in the Energy app dashboard. The Aqara plug has that. Do those other plugs?

Just to be clear, I am only guessing.

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The Tapo P115 dont show the W but appear on ST energy panel :grin:

The Aqara Eu and Tapo P115 work on energy panel