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SmartThings Data Visualisation using InfluxDB and Grafana

(Stephen Johnson) #104

Use the Discrete plug in and map the values from the query to different colors. The query will return things like ‘on’ and ‘off’ or maybe a list of things. I visualize the HVAC state of heating, idle, cooling, fan only using this technique as well as simple light on or off.

(Frak) #105

Thank you @Stephen_Johnson . I installed the Discrete plugin and selected it in the new panel. I’m struggling to craft the right Query. Can you please post what your Query looks like?

I tried this but nothing showed up:

I figured it out (finally). I had to fiddle with the Query string some more.
I had to do something like this:

(Michael Allen) #108

@Rawle_Gibson Did you ever figure out the localhost hub action is not allowed error?


Hi Guys,

Is there a simply way to get a table in Grafana as follows across all rooms / devices?

Time, Room Name, Device Type, Device Name …

The measurements output to InfluxDB currently are across device-specific items such as power, battery, contact, temperature therefore devices with battery will output to battery measurement but devices without battery wont - There doesn’t seem to be a single measurement called say “devices” which lists all devices, their type, room and the last time they polled etc?