SmartThings compatible smart glass or film?

Now that Aeon Labs has killed their project with dimmable film to put on windows I’m looking for a alternativ.

I have a few kitchen windows I would love to make mat / dim with some DIY applicable film. Ideally also SmartThings compatible.

Does a thing like that exist?

This is a good round up of what’s currently available as far as smart films/glass ( check the comments as well) but I haven’t looked at the individual ones to see if it would be possible to make any of them compatible with SmartThings. None of them are Z wave, though, it’s going to be a cloud to cloud integration if it is possible.

updated to add @AnotherUser makes a very good point below: if just turning the power on/off will change the film/glass the way you want it, then that’s easy to integrate with SmartThings. If it’s a plug-in, plug it into a networked pocket socket. If it gets hard wired, use an in wall microswitch or relay. :sunglasses:

I’ve considered this myself but no where near pulling the trigger on it. There are a lot of switchable film products out there (although I couldn’t name any right now), I would probably tie in one that suits your budget and application with a simple smart socket or something. Most work on a voltage on/off approach with the switch happening either way.

It is a shame Aeon dropped it but their reasoning makes sense, installing most film should be within the realms of a good DIYer but it wouldn’t be for your average consumer.

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Be a great side business for all the auto detailers out there that already do window tint and clear bras…I know a lot of them do home window tinting already so not a big departure from that.

Smart-film is surprisingly expensive, and it doesn’t look like something that is in a place for just doing it for five small kitchen windows at this point. Bummer.