SmartThings Cloud down?

Can’t get to the dashboard on any of my mobile devices, logged out, now I cannot log in any longer. Web and Internet are up and running. Anybody else?

No problems here… not that this is always accurate but

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Thanks! Ultimately got the Mobile App working again by restarting the iPhone.

Might have been something weird with the WiFi - what through me off was that it would tell me my username and password were wrong - over and over, when I copy and pasted both email and password from my pw manager.

Thanks for the link. Will keep that bookmarked.

In general at times it feels that ST runs out of AWS capacity. Saving and especially publishing anything from the IDE can take from 1-2 seconds to 10s of seconds. Hopefully the recent injection of capital allows them to double up on capacity - which would allow things like polls to run consistently too.

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