SmartThings Cloud Connector - Amazon Cognito AWS

Good morning,

I have successfully implemented an OAuth 2.0 authentication scheme with AWS Cognito.

However, I don’t understand how to logout the user (needed especially for testing operations). I have tried logging out or deleting the user directly from the Cognito web interface without success: from the SmartThings application adding the device does not show me the login web page but calls the webhook directly (as if it remembers the previous login).

How can I do to force the logout?

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Do you mean to remove the integration for the user which would cause the deletion of all the devices discovered by it?

If so, you need to send a globalError in a StateCallback of type “INTEGRATION-DELETED”. For example:

      "detail":"INTEGRATION-DELETED by third"

Hello @nayelyz,

thanks for the tip!

PS: in my previous implementation with Keycloak (instead of AWS Cognito) the “INTEGRATION-DELETED” response was not needed. However, it is not a problem :slight_smile:

Do you mean you could close the session somehow and delete all the devices without this callback?
Generally, when you close the session with your cloud, the devices remain and the user is asked to log in again to continue using those devices, so, I don’t know the observed behavior in the other case.