SmartThings Button as Panic Button

I purchased two SmartThings Buttons (2018) to serve as panic buttons.

I was surprised to find that I could only select one button and one button action (e.g. Pushed or Held or Pushed Twice) to activate an Aeotec Siren (Gen5) and send a text message per Routine in SmartThings Classic.

My goal was to use one Routine for any button and any button action.

Does the community have any recommendations or best practices for using a SmartThings Button as a panic button?

If you can get what you want with a scene, rather than routine, you could use a smart lighting rule to trigger based on each button event.

I don’t believe smartthings has ever officially supported triggers based on multiple devices except for the sensors in smart home monitor and the “everybody” presence filters.

But you can definitely do everything you describe and more with webcore.

You could set up one routine. And have that triggered by a virtual momentary switch turning on. Then through one of the button manager programs you could tie those buttons to trigger the routine. But I would think if you wanted a true panic button, you would use it to arm SHM and then trip a virtual contact sensor. That would be a true Panic button. Otherwise, how would you turn the siren off? All of that is tied into SHM by default.

In the same way you have to program a “Deactivate Panic Alarm” routine, seems simple, via routines maybe is not the best solution but could work in a basic manner …

You’re a little late to the party…this thread is over 2 years old.

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