Aeotec Panic Button - Troubleshooting. Using it to trigger Big Talker or Notify When?

First time poster, so apologies if this issue has been addressed elsewhere. I’m a relative novice to utilizing Smartthings, but am using it for a variety of home security integrations and have successfully used the Big Talker app to create sounds on a Bose SoundTouch speaker when my doors open. I’m looking to create a similar integration with the Aeotec Panic Button for use as a doorbell.

The device successfully paired with my hub, but I cannot get it to generate a signal to the hub to trigger events. I’ve tried both Big Talker and Notify Me When and nothing happens when I press the button. I’m assuming I’ve overlooked or neglected to do something given my novice level here. Any insights from the crowd would be greatly appreciated.

This will show up as a button device, so you are looking for triggers called “button pressed” or something similar.

To troubleshoot, I would start just by using the official smart lights feature and see if you can have a light come on when the panic button is pressed. Assuming, of course, that you have any light switches or smart bulbs in your set up.

If you don’t, there is also a “when button is pressed” option to trigger a routine, so just create a simple routine where you can see the results and trigger from the panic button being pressed.

If that doesn’t work, you can get in touch with support and have them help you create a routine which will start when the button is pressed, because that device is officially supported.

Once you have that working, you know that the button itself is OK, and then you could ask your question in the author thread for whatever smart app you are trying to use with it.

So that would be my troubleshooting suggestion. Start by just trying to use it as a button with The official smart lights feature or a routine.

If that doesn’t work, get help from support until it does work.

Then move onto the more complex voice announcement smart apps.

good luck! :sunglasses:

Maybe the problem is the device type? It is showing as a generic Z Wave device, not as a button device. Is that something I can edit/change?

You can try changing the device type in the IDE to Aeon labs keyfob.

I just added one of these to my system today and that is what it is set to on mine, A “Aeon Key Fob”. I did nothing but pair the device as stated in it’s user instructions. Perhaps you should remove and re-pair

Great timing as I was about to come back and close this thread. The Panic Button initially paired as a generic Z Wave Device. When I removed it and re-paired I did so using the iOS version of the SmartThings app (I had previously used Android). This time around it paired as the Panic Button (not the keyfob or as a generic Z Wave). It works perfectly now. Thanks to all who replied and gave insights.