Smartthings based Security Alarms (UK)

Hi all,

Looking for some advice here. I’d like to replace our old “Dumb” home alarm system (UK), but I’d also like to be able to use some of those same elements for my home automation.

I Could, for example go down the Yale Smart Living route, but my understanding is that it’s a closed ecosystem.

I’d like to have motion sensors in my home alarm, that can also be used to say… turn on the lights when I walk into a room at night.

So I know about z-wave Door/window sensors, and motion sensors, cameras, etc… but the question is how to integrate the alarmy bits: notably a siren, and a keypad control. What kind of z-wave/smartthings kit is there out there? How can this all be integrated together (armed/disarmed?)

I guess the rules would be fairly simple: If Armed (away mode?) and motion detected, or sensor activated, then beep keypad for 10 seconds then activate Siren, and send notification.

Anyone have experience doing this?

I guess it depends on exactly what features you need, but you can build an alarm system around Smart Home Monitor.

We use SHM with our phones as presence sensors, it arms when we leave and disarms when we arrive - no need for a keypad. Whilst we are out any motion from the multi sensors sends us both a push alert and an opening event will turn on an internal aeon siren and an external sounder which is a lash up of an alarm dummy box with a very loud sounded purchased from Maplins connected to a smartthings plug. We also have motion sensors in the major spaces that could trigger a siren if desired. The bedtime routine includes arming SHM and the good morning routine disarms it. It all works very well. We have a special holiday mode that will also send alerts by text to nearby family members in case of an incident involving the SHM or in the event of a leak or smoke alert.

My only gripe has been that there is not option to reduce sensitivity on the Samsung sensors and even with the adjustment dial on the Aeon sensor, it still triggers when our family dog is moving about. We’ve had to compensate for this short fall by having an extra mode that only arms these sensors when we know the dog is not in the house (I have consisdered attaching a presence sensor to her collar!).

Good Luck!

To keep from repeating myself, I’ll just link to a post I did earlier today. It would apply in the UK as well.

The points you make are great ones, and worth due consideration. It just seems a shame to have two motion sensors in a room doing different things

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I have a traditional wired Euro 46 monitored and maintained alarm system.
6 wired motion sensors, 1 wireless open/close on front door and 1 shock sensor on rear patio doors.

I have just reached out to to ask about their new INTERFACE product.

Is anyone else also considering this? Are there alternatives?