Smartthings automation does not run consistently

Hi, I’m using the v3 hub and new ST app. I created some automations and they only work some of the time. One night it’s working fine. The next night it wont start at all.

The automation I created is “every day between 9:00pm and 8:00am , if the temperature falls below 70F, then turn on a smart plug”. I have two of these automations setup for two different set of sensors/plugs. Some nights, the automation is working. Other nights, I find that the temperature has dropped to 66F and still the plug has never turned on. I verified this by looking at the history of the devices.

Now, after I notice the automation isn’t running as expected. I try resaving the automation or add a new automation (like "msg me when temperature falls below 70F). Then, I think it fixes the problem temporarily. But I can’t rely on this automation at all at this rate.

Any help please.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

Brand and model of the sensors? And can you post a screenshot of the automation?

Hi @JDRoberts. I’m using the tplink kasa HS105 plug with the inovelli 4 in 1 sensor. There’s another similar automation setup but it’s w/ the kasa HS105 and the samsung smart button (which has temp sensor).

The screen shot shows that even though the temperature is below 72F for over an hour past 9:00PM, the heater never turns on. I just tried toggling (disabling and enabling) the automation and it turned on at 10:04PM.

The Automations would be so much better if we actually knew what logic they were trying to implement and exactly when they evaluated it.

It might be that condition is only true when it first detects the temperature is <= 72F and if that event happened before 9PM the automation doesn’t activate.


automations are broke right now. But i have one word for you, “webcore”.

this might be more then your willing to do, but this is where the power is for SmartThings. there is also a webcore community forum:


@RottenMutt hi. thanks for the link. I’ll check out webcore. Sounds like exactly what I want.

Wondering if there are any clear rules re the timing of running automations

I have a very similar issue

Automation (am I home?, is it after 1430?) triggers a number of TRV’s to move from 20 to 25 but it is completely random as to when the automation will run

FWIW, I have found a solution that works for me within ST. The issue with the trigger for time range and specific temperature was that if during the time range the temp had already fallen outside the trigger threshold, then the automation would not run. So for example, “b/t 9pm and 7am, if temp falls below 70F”. This automation would only work if b/t 9pm and 7am, the temp was already above 70F and falls below the threshold of “below 70F”. If the temp at 8:59PM was 65F, then the automation will not turn on. B/c for the rest of the night, the temp would never go above 70F naturally.

So what I did was add additional automation triggers that at a specific time, if below a certain temp, then turn on the plug. So like at 10PM if below 69F then turn on plug. Then another similar one but at 11PM.

This approach has been stable enough for my needs.

Thank you Jinsean