Smartthings apple homekit support?

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i read on the web that smartthings will support homekit appliances does that mean that i will be able to control my homekit appliances with the smartthings app/hub??

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I just bought the v2 hub and Siri doesn’t know anything about it. Not sure how this will work with HomeKit.

It doesn’t. There are some hacks discussed, but no supported integration.

I thought I read somewhere that it was compat or coming to. If not eventually, means I am still looking for a Homekit enabled solution.

Smartthings is open to HomeKit compatibility in future models of the hub, but it requires a hardware piece the current model doesn’t have. this is one of the main reasons there are so few HomeKit compatible devices on the market right now. Even Philips had to put out a whole new version of their Hue hub to get compatibility.

So you might see it in the V3 for the hub, but it’s not in the V2.

If you’re looking for a home automation hub with HomeKit compatibility, right now your only choice is the Insteon, and then only the specific model with that hardware chip in it.

My guess is that it will be summer 2016 before there are really enough HomeKit-enabled devices to put together a full system, but who knows?

Well, I am hoping that the new Apple TV coming out shortly here will have some sort of “surprise” home automation radios built-in (like z-wave or zigbee) but its not likely as they would have announced it… but they didn’t.

No, it doesn’t. I have an Apple TV developers kit, and I’ve looked at the APIs. They are all TV oriented, none of the HomeKit APIs are supported. That’s as of tvOS Beta 3.

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Thanks for that and although I have a dev pass and am a developer, I was looking for something more “out of the box”. I’ll probably order an Insteon setup now… sigh. Hurts cause I just paid like $250 CDN for this ST hub. Oh well. I’ve had more expensive hobbies.