SmartThings API Library for Arduino IDE


I created a Smartthings API library for use with Arduino IDE to programming various microcontrollers that will interact with the Smartthings platform

The ST_API library provides the following functionality:

  1. Execute a Rule
  2. Execute a Scene
  3. Get device online state
  4. Get device status
  5. Send commands to a device:
    1. Turn on or off
    2. Set dim level
    3. Turn on & set dim level
    4. Set color temperature
    5. Set hue and saturation
    6. Refresh (for supported devices)
    7. Send arbitrary json command

The library should work with any microcontroller that supports SSL clients and has sufficient memory. There are several example sketches and all have been successfully used with the ESP32 and MKR WiFi 1010 and have complied with several other Arduino microcontrollers.

See the repository read me for additional information about the library and how to use the examples

Check out the library at: GitHub - rambo350z/ST_API: Arduino Library for interacting with SmartThings API