SmartThings and WebIOPi is not working

I have followed instructions given at Raspberry Pi Device Type but it didn’t work out for me. Later found out that I have to patch the WebIOPi with, because i have RPi-3 (did it so).

WebIOPi works, when i open it through web-browser on my PC., but nothing happens when try to do something through SmartThing app.

Although, the current network structure is as follows:

Rpi3 <----> Wifi-AP1 (has internet connection) <----> Wifi-AP2 <----> SmartThings-HUB

SmartThings-HUB has an internet connection, and i have installed home monitoring kit from the cloud and works perfectly. That means SmartThings found the way to connect Wifi-AP1 and get access to internet (Wifi-AP2 is connected to Wifi-AP1 through wifi as a host). My PC has a wired connection to Wifi-AP2, and still i can access webIOPi installed on RPi3 with no problem.

I would be really happy, if someone can point the problem or any clue whats going wrong here