SmartThings and If This Then That

Is anyone in the community using SmartThings with If This Then That, and if so, how are you (and side question: does anyone in the community use If This Then That in general for anything)? I haven’t tried the service and and am wondering if I’m missing out on anything.


Try a forum search on “IFTTT”. I’m not sure “If This Then That” will turn up a whole lot.

There are tons of great ideas floating around here!

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Will do. Thanks for the info!

Lots of us use it for many different things. As @btk suggested, search on IFTTT.

Here’s the official blog post:

And here’s my Echo to Harmony project report. Note the use of virtual switches, that’s where SmartThings really shines.

I started using IFTTT when I first got ST, but most of the things I tried to do with IFTTT could be done natively in the app, though I do have the Amazon Echo and I ordered the Harmony Hub and have plans to use IFTTT to integrate the two (instructions posted somewhere on this board)

EDIT: By “somewhere on this board” I apparently mean “in the link JD posted just above me while I typed this”

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Nice. I will check out the guide. I was thinking that many of the recipes could be handled natively in SmartThings, but I need to learn more about IFTTT anyway just to see the benefits of it.

I’m seriously considering getting an Amazon Echo as well and integrating it into SmartThings. I think it’d be fun.

Echo is great, and SmartThings makes it 100 times better! :sunglasses:

IFTTT allows you to create integrations between Smartthings and anything else that has a IFTTT channel, but what’s even more significant in some ways is that because SmartThings can use virtual switches you now have the option to add switch control to anything that has an IFTTT channel. So you can trigger things with a button controller like the Aeon Minimote, by a SmartThings mode, in response to a sensor, or now with voice control through Echo.

And you can do it all without having to write code or create a new device type.

Direct integrations are better when they exist, but when they don’t exist, you can do a lot with IFTTT. :sunglasses:

It used to be kind of slow but now it’s fast enough for my needs. I use it to integrate my Wemo switches as I have a terrible time with the official integration. I used it for my particle photons for a time but swapped to direct integration now. Its powerful, but could use some more customizable recipes with some Boolean operators.

Sounds good about the Echo. Might pick one up as my birthday present. :smile:

I tried to click over to the guide, but it’s saying page not found.

This is how i use IFTTT w/ smartthings: