Amazon Echo: IFTTT Channel just added! So ... roundabout way to get to SmartThings!

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Time to try out a simple recipe … I expect it to be a little flaky at first, unless they’ve done a secret Beta.

Well… IFTTT Triggers are limited to the To Do List and Shopping List

Guess it’s better than nothing (though my To Do List provider is IQTELL, and they don’t have an API or IQTELL channel except email, I think).

Just got my echo today. I love the Philips Hue integration. Hopefully it will be very useful soon.

I did some playing around. There are multiple To Do list and Shopping List triggers that you can use. If you’re not really using either of Echo’s lists, you can hijack them.
I tried:
Add new to do Turns on a certain light
Add new shopping item Turns off a certain light
There are 10 of these triggers that you could use to turn 5 lights on and off.
If you use a virtual switch in SmartThings you could use a trigger to do scene control(ish)
By the way, the response time is Super Slow.
It’s a start. When they expand the API (Echo/IFTTT/SmartThings) it will probably be pretty cool.


We love our Echo…we got one less than 2 weeks after it was announced and use it all the time for Shopping lists, music, and audiobooks, but I’ve been drooling over the thought of telling Alexa to turn off the lights.
I almost hand a fit when I saw the IFTTT integration today and immediately stopped what I was doing to set up a recipe. Silly me in thinking that they would use voice commands in IFTTT. :expressionless:
So, we never use the To Do list…(if only DH would! lol) so I set that up for lights out. It’s a START. I can’t wait for full integration.
Hopeful in Texas

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The IFTTT trigger can have up to a 15 minute delay. Not optimal for most use cases I’m looking for but it is a start.


I tried the IFTTT interface, not really useful for me. I don’t use the apps they selected to interface with the shopping and todo list, I tried them but stuff was taking so long to work I didn’t think I did it correctly. Add to that my Wife doesn’t want to switch from the shared app we already use and this usage is, to quote from Mr Wonderful on Shark Tank, “dead to me” :slight_smile:

But it is nice to see new stuff. Can’t wait to tell Alexia to do stuff with ST !
Alexia SmartThings turn on the AC
Alexia SmartThings Harmony Play Music

OK we probably need SmartThings to start working with Harmony before that last on is ever going to work. But it is the one I want the most.

May I ask what shared To Do list App you use? I’m looking for excuses to write an Echo app…

We user a shopping list app called “Out Of Milk”

I want the Echo SDK Sooooo Badddd… :slight_smile:

All you had to do was attend the San Francisco popup AWS Loft session. Perhaps they’ll have more… But you’re in the queue anyway.

BTW: Out of Milk? (not “Remember the Milk”)?
Hmmm… The latter is more popular.

Diffcult swim from Hawaii :slight_smile: they are unlikely to come here nobody ever does.

What do you mean I am in the queue ? I did request the SDK but had not feedback at all.

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I’m assuming they will gradually grant more access keys. It’s meant to be wide open, like SmartThings API.

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Yea, I thought that was the case. But might be a while.

What languages does it use. I saw some samples in Ruby, I am hoping for others. Already have to learn groovy for ST, and so many other languages, have not needed Ruby yet.