Smartthings Aeotec hub as matter bridge?

Is the smartthings and Aeotec hub ever going to get support to act as a matter bridge to share smartthings devices with other matter compatible systems? The dream is to have full local and offline control over my smartthings system with Google home or echo show devices. Especially given you can’t buy the smartthings hub in Australia. We really need more third party support and compatibility, otherwise matter is just another unwanted standard, it’s a big mess already but I’m hopeful it will get better.

The short version… official word is there is no word on if /when they will implement matter bridge.

Yes, it would be nice to have everything play nice and thays what the spec is ultimately for. But the csa did not make the bridge feature mandatory and to date very very few have implemented it. None of the big back end providers have and honestly they don’t have much incentive to. They want to bring your device to thier platform. Not the other way around.

If I were a betting man. I’d say you have a better chance that you see the return of Harrison Ford as Han Solo in a live action movie before this happens… (ill help he was the one who ensured his character was killed so he never played the role again)


Everything that @nathancu said, with one small note: Tuya is certainly one of the largest manufacturer of home automation devices in the world, and they already have a Zigbee to matter bridge. (Anything that works with the Smart Life app uses Tuya.) But they have a different business model. Most of their devices are sold as “white label” to other manufacturers and then rebranded. So the devices are sold under many different brand names, including Moes, Yagusmart, Zemismart, etc.

I would also note that another major manufacturer, Aqara, has already updated some of its model hubs to be Matter bridges, including the M2, although the rollout is still in Beta. But there are some community members already using it.

And Philips Hue and SwitchBot have matter bridges as well.

Since a Matter bridge by its nature requires that you have that company’s hub, I don’t think adding the bridge feature loses them any sales. :thinking:

SmartThings doesn’t have a Matter bridge, as @nathancu said, and no stated plans to do so.

My own guess is that if they DO ever add bridging it will be first/only for the SmartThings station, as that model does not have zwave, and at the time of this writing it is technically more difficult to bridge zwave than Zigbee.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that right now, the only matter bridges are for Zigbee devices. We may see more protocols in the future (ThinkA is rumored to be considering one), but we’re not there yet.

But in any case, whether it’s a business decision or a technical one, at present there are no announced plans to make the Aeotec ST hub a matter bridge. :disappointed_relieved:


Are there currently any companies that have a hub/bridge acting as Matter Controller AND Bridge?

You said. Currently?

I trying really hard and all the ones I know of are OR not AND.

I know there’s strong desire for it to be added to the open Matter implementation Home assistant uses, but I think you have to wait for them (both the open source community contributing to the matter code AND the vendor participants) to finish stabilizing their implementation (the whole not sharing network id’s makes it a mess.).


IKEA has promised that eventually for their Dirigera hub, but it’s not here yet.

Tuya has also promised both a Matter controller and a Matter bridge. they have started to deliver bridge functionality for some of their hub models, they don’t have controller yet. (So Tuya has Matter support out, but not in yet.)

Home Assistant Yellow has specifically said that they will NOT be a matter bridge.

This is an interesting point. I gues they could at least implement matter bridge capability for just zigbee devices, and if the rest is possible later expand support. I’m really just referring to official smartthings devices that are zigbee powered, so surely that couldn’t be too hard.

There aren’t any of these currently in production, with the exception of the hubs themselves.

Over two years ago, Samsung announced that it would no longer be creating smartthings brand hardware, and signed up Aeotec as a hardware partner for hubs, sensors, and a few other items.

An Update Regarding our Hardware

So theoretically, at this time, smartthings should be no more invested in zigbee home automation devices than they are in Zwave or Wi-Fi.

Of course, since that time they introduced the smartthings station hub under their own brand, so, as always, Samsung is nothing if not inconsistent. :wink:

The Aeotec works with smartthings devices are what I’m referring to, they are as official as it gets. They are exactly the same as the Samsung branded smartthings devices from years ago before Samsung announced they were pulling out of the hardware side of smartthings. Still manufactured by samjin under licence from a different brand with a different sticker and box, nothing has really changed. But yeah Samsung are inconsistent with their products and don’t really commit for the long term.

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A friend just sent me a tuya marketing video intended for their OEM clients which indicates that their matter controller and their matter bridge will be two separate devices on the same network.

The controller will be one of their “gateway“ devices, and you will be able to add third-party matter devices to it.

Their app will be the matter commissioner.

And a separate hardware device will be a Zigbee to matter bridge, possibly only for Tuya Zigbee devices.

But we’ll have to wait and see how everything works once it’s all finished and brought to market.

And note that none of this says you’ll be able to add a third-party Zigbee device to a Tuya set up. The only third-party devices that they show are the ones that are matter certified. And so far, they’ve only shown ones that are individually matter certified, not something coming in from someone else’s matter bridge. :thinking:


LOL! - - Sad but likely true!


Is Matter enabled for the IKEA hub in Canada ?

If you follow that link, you’ll see that matter is not yet enabled for any IKEA hub in any region. But they are definitely planning on it.

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Ok it’s the same as the EU.

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