Smartthings/ADT Location/Security Mode Automation

I’ve had an ADT branded hub for a while now, and while in the old (classic) app I was able to set routines to changed the Location Mode on the hub when the Security mode changed (Home, Away, Stay), I’m unable to get anything to work the same with the new app. My routines are still there, as automations now, but they don’t function. The main purpose of the location mode change was for notifications as well as monitoring the few sensors connected to the hub that aren’t ADT branded.

Does anyone know if this is still an option through Automations, or would I have to look in to Webcore, which I have yet to touch.

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So the legacy Smart Home Monitor that was avaliable in the classic Appe uses location mode on the location. The new Smartthings home Monitor doesn’t. The new Automation engine in the new app is based on that so it doesn’t look at location mode.

The way i have worked around that is by using ADT tools to flip a virtual switch when the alarm mode is changed. Then trigger automations from that switch.


I saw a few mentions of ADT Tools when I was searching the forum, and on your post about the release of ADT Tools 2. Haven’t messed with the IDE that much other than adding some custom location modes but I’ll take a look, thank you.