Smartthings ADT Hub vs ADT Pulse

I have been using Smartthings for many years and am considering upgrading to a monitored security service solution so that I will have monitored and unmonitored sensors… I have been looking at the ADT Smartthings hub and the ADT Pulse solution, but I haven’t decided on the approach that will work best for me yet. As there has been a few postings on each I am hoping I can get some guidance.

I am considering the following 3 options:

  1. ADT Pulse only for all sensors
  2. ADT pulse for the monitored sensors and Smartthings HUB for the unmonitored sensors.
  3. ADT Smartthings HUB for the all sensors

What are some of the tradeoffs I should consider relative to each approach? How well does each approach work?



If you want security, the only smartthings model line I could really recommend is the ADT/Smartthings model line. The other models are on a cloud-based system, which just doesn’t really fit with the primary security use case. You can find lots of discussion of this in the forums, but just a couple of obvious examples:

  1. if the cloud is not available, there is no way to either arm or disarm the security system

  2. if the cloud is not available, there is no way to use your phone app to do anything on your system as all of those messages go through the cloud first

However, the ADT Model line has its own cellular communications and the ADT/smartthings dual logo sensors operate locally, so it doesn’t have the same defects. It’s a decent low-cost DIY security system and competes well against other similar systems in the same category.

I am considering giving it a try. At $149, it seems worth a shot.

It’s down to $99 on one of the Black Friday sales. :sunglasses:

Samsung BF sale to be exact

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Nice! I will wait!

I see that setting off the alarm does not allow you to assign lighting to come on natively. But can setting the alarm to arm stay set my night mode automations?

There is support to use the alarm state changes as a trigger in smartthings classic. The new app doesn’t seem to support any triggers that involve the alarm

You can also use the smartapp ADT Tools to add additional smartthings integration as well. It does many things from the Smartthings side of the system to improve integration. There is a piece that uses a smartthings button trigger alarm mode changes. That opens a world of options for integration.

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