Just starting out. Should I get the ADT version hub or the regular Smartthings hub

I have no experience with Smartthings. I had the Lowes Iris system and was quite happy with it overall. I used it for home automation as well as safety and security. I was signed up with their pro-monitoring service and would use that while I was out of town to provide security.
I have decided to go with Smartthings as a replacement for home automation. Trying to decide if I should go with the ADT version of the hub or just with the regular Smartthings hub and self manage the security portion.
If you use the Smartthings system for security purposes I would like your perspective on how well it works for you? Can you set up alerts and notifications if your sensors are triggered so that you could respond as necessary? Or would you recommend going with a professionally monitored system?
Anyone with experience with the ADT version and their professional monitoring services? Is it worth considering getting the ADT integrated system and doing self-monitoring? Any advantage doing that over self-monitoring using the regular Smartthings system?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!

Welcome! :sunglasses: The community FAQ should be of interest. It covers most of your questions. (The topic title is a clickable link)

ADT SmartThings was my choice after a painstaking process of reviewing the options.

ADT SmartThings Home Security Starter kit, roughly analogous to the Iris Safe and Secure kit, includes the hub which has a built in keypad and siren, as well as 2 door and window detectors (contact sensors) and 1 motion detector (sensor).

You are going to need door and window detectors for each opening area, door, window, rollup door etc…

Paid monitoring offers me enough of an insurance discount it pays for itself… You might want to give that a good look and talk to your insurance agent, check with your city on permits though. My city is cheap, some are expensive…

Thank you JDRoberts. I looked through this string and learned a lot. For my purposes I think I am going to go with the ADT version so I can go with professional monitoring if I feel I need to do so. I did see some concern that ADT might abandon their Smartthings integration. Have you seen any sign that this is a real concern in the foreseeable future?

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Thanks BigHoss. Your reply is very helpful. I read through your initial strings where you were working through your decision and that was extremely helpful too. I think our Iris experiences and perspectives are very similar. Have you seen any sign that concerns you about the long term support from ADT?
How does your new system compare with the Iris system for integrating your connected devices for home automation?

There are plenty of reasons to fear that the ADT Hub and services are likely to be neglected.

ADT is no longer promoted as a solution, and the deeply discounted price of the hub and sensors is indication that they are either having trouble selling and/or just want to clear out inventory to make room for more sustainable / profitable lines.

I hope everyone using this ADT Hub gets value from it and sufficient ongoing support. But I no longer personally recommend it.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I’m not concerned about any platform whatsoever they all have their drawbacks and just like Iris, all if them can be pulled back away from us at any given time.

Prices on the ADT smartthings branded components are going back up. However items seem to be having fewer and fewer retailers.

I’m not necessarily concerned that they’re going to drop support for it so much as new component availability is probably going to get more difficult as things go on. The regular Smartthings v2 is still supported after all…

Having said that I have talked to both Samsung and ADT and for all it’s worth with probably isn’t much but both companies claim that they are committed to supporting the ADT smartthings for the foreseeable future.

Remember Iris just released 3rd generation in November right before announcing they were shutting down. So any cues and indicators that we may be getting from these companies are most likely false flags.

So long story short given the past behavior of all of these companies you basically have to guess at whether or not they’re gonna keep it alive or shut it down sorry I wish though the answer was better. But I have to be honest.

As far as how it integrates getting items to pair is certainly a lot easier and a lot faster than Iris was.

You can read up on my migration experience at My Iris to Smartthings migration experience

Honestly I’m a lot more complete with smartthings than I ever was with Iris. Compatibility with different items is far better.


Thanks BigHoss and Tgauchat. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. This community is very helpful. I will probably be going with the ADT version knowing that I have some risk with the long term viability. Hoping that with these two company brands behind the platform that they will take care of their customers if they do decide to exit this sector.

It’s not? I guess I need to go see the optometrist and get my prescription updated.

And of course they are going to have a VERY difficult time moving ANY inventory at the list price. That list is far and away higher than the overwhelming majority of its competition. The price reductions bring them inline with the competition…

Happy we can help. Yes there is risk, but there is risk with anything…

Just FYI, the best prices I have seen on detectors (sensors) is Ebay. I had fits with one though, the code on the sticker didn’t have the same as the code on the inside of the back panel, I had to use the code off the back panel (battery cover) to pair it.

If your Iris sesnsors were / are 2nd generation, you can use them for anything not tied to security. So for lighting automations, temperature probe etc… they work great, and honestly, respond faster than the ADT Dual branded ones… There is a caveat to that statement though.

I have one ADT Dual Branded sensor that I was holding on with Duck brand double stick foam mounting tape. The tape didn’t hold, the sensor hit the floor and popped apart. It works now that I have reassembled it, but it is slower than it used to be…Lesson learned. Use the 3M stuff!