SmartThings Add Smart app option missing in IDE page

There is no option to add smart app on “My SmartApps” page. I have seen other’s page which shows a settings button and add smartapp option

Groovy based apps and drivers are in the process of being discontinued. As such, the ability to add new Smartapps has been removed.

ouch so there is no way to add smart apps anymore? :frowning:

Under the new architecture, you can write smartapps in any language you choose, including Groovy, but Samsung is no longer providing a free cloud to run them. So you would have to host them yourself, either on a local server device, or at a hosting service.

There are a few people doing that, but not too many. Most instead are either moving their old Groovy smartapps to another platform that still runs them, like Hubitat. Or using a third-party app, SharpTools, which has a nice rules engine, and re-creating their automations there. Or just using the official features like the rules API, which has more capability than the old platform.

You can see more discussion about all of these in the following thread:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

And here’s the official announcement thread about the ending of the old architecture:

(BTW, the IDE will also be shut down soon.)

So you can still have smartapps in the new architecture, but they run differently, and the integration path is different.


The short answer is no.

SmartApps (that run in the SmartThings cloud) are in the midst of being shut down.

@JDRoberts gave you the long answer.

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Thanks for the responses. That clarifies things.

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How do I host my smartapp on my raspberry pi. Who can help me? Can you guide me thru that.

I have a smartapp on Groovy IDE that will stop working tomorrow.

I get no support from smartthings tech support. Not even tier2 support.

The smartapp routine I have to replace the IDE smartapp doesn’t work.

The routine is If Echolink Motion Sensor: No motion for 10 hours Then Send tSMS text message to notify neighbor I haven’t moved in 10 hours.

The routine will trigger once and stop. It will stay stopped until the routine is deleted and re-input. or the hub is booted.

I’ve tried to follow procedures and tutorials on Rules API but they are outdated, poorly written and impossible to follow. The procedures and links don’t work.

Have you tried to use SharpTools. There rules are easy to right and seem reliable. They have different messaging options that might suit your needs. I believe Pushover can send the same message multiple times on the schedule you chose.


I’m sorry, I don’t know the details, and the smartapp would have to be completely rewritten even if it’s still in Groovy. Because now you have to communicate through the rest API.

I agree with @Paul_Oliver , right now the easiest and least expensive way to address This is to use the third-party app, SharpTools. They have a free trial so you can check it out and see if it works for you. After that it has basic functionality in a free tier or you pay $30 a year for the pro features.

If you ask in their forum, someone should be able to help you design a rule to do what you want, but I think it’s pretty straightforward. Certainly a lot easier than the rules API. It runs in pretty much any browser.

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