Can not create an new smartapp or update existing smartapp in ide

As you can see, the button “+New smartApp” is missing in my smartapps and the device handlers page.
And I can not update the existing smartapps with a prompt “Cannot Update Smartapp” after I click the Update button.
Everthing was fine when I logged in a few weeks ago. SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I can accept even if the entire IDE is completely initialized, just tell me how. Thanks!

As part of the transition to the new architecture, you can no longer add or change smartapps in the Groovy cloud. The old ones will continue to run for a little while, but they, too, will be going away.

See the following discussion from earlier this morning for more details.

And here’s the official announcement

The End of Groovy Has Arrived


Hi Roberts,
Thanks for this reminding!

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