SmartTag Speaker?

Just noticed that mentions a speaker in the SmartTag.

Did that make the cut?

Yup! It can beep. I’m ecstatic it made it. I lose my keys about 4 times a day. Making it beep from the mobile app will be a life saver. It has a nice volume to it as well.


Is it one beep option or is it possible to have different beep codes? I’m thinking about using it for notifications - I usually leave my cellphone on my desk, etc.

Maybe! I asked. Like it was the first thing I asked about. I wanted funkytown so bad. I remember hearing that it was possible to make it beep different noises, but don’t think we planned to make it do like MIDI or anything.

…maybe a little Badinerie throw back Nokia ringtone? Probably not, but I wish.

Hah! I’d settle for the full Morse alphabet - more than enough to drive everyone nearby crazy and it’d force me to finally learn it.