I see that smartrules hase been updated and now requires buying to add more than one rule. I have a few existing rules and wondered if it is still thought of as a great tool,or is there anything better for creating rules?

Smartrules has it’s place and not knocking it at all… Fantastic UI…however since using CORE…basically the only limitation is your imagination.

Have a look at this topic for background…CoRE for Dummies (How to get started and make your first Piston)

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SmartRules is a very nice, polished graphical interface which lets you set up a simple “do while” condition which many people find useful. It can’t handle the really complicated stuff that core does, but it’s much easier to install and use for these simple two level conditionals. But it is a third-party app and you do have to pay a license fee.

Some people prefer core, some people prefer SmartRules, some people use both – – it’s just a matter of personal preference. Core is free and much more powerful, but much more complex to use. SmartRules is fast and easy to use, but requires a license fee and is only available for iOS . They’re both good. :sunglasses:

For people who are new to both, here are the links to get the basic information:

1) CoRE: free, powerful, complex

2) SmartRules: simple, polished, requires license fee


Or the best of both worlds… WebCoRE?

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I haven’t seen anything to indicate that designing pistons has gotten simple enough for non-technical people in WebCoRE, just that it’s easier to use for people already using CoRE. Did I miss something? :sunglasses:

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Wait… smart rules makes you pay now? I have over 20 rules setup on the app and I haven’t paid anything for it.

Ok maybe I did pay and just forgot looks like the cost is 9.99

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As far as I know, smartrules has always been distributed in two versions. The demo version let you create one rule for free. If you wanted more than that you had to buy a license.

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Definitely worth it.

@obycode’s app is the originalsimple rules GUI”, and the main drawback is no Android version… yet(?).


That’s right. We’ve always had a free trial and a paid version. You can try out a single rule at a time to make sure it can do what you need it to, then the in-app purchase gets you unlimited rules. Thanks all for the previous responses and kind words.


In that case my installation is not working correctly as I have multiple rules but when I try and add another I get the banner for paying for the full version. I have tried the restore purchases option but that doesn’t fix it.


Sorry about that Roger. Please shoot an email to and we’ll get that resolved for you.


Are the developers still supporting this app?

I believe so. There was an app update just today actually.


That’s the developer one post above yours, so looks like yes.


Thank you !

Hi Brice, I responded to your mail and still need to get my issue resolved.


Yes, we’re definitely supporting SmartRules. We try to keep up with these forums but the best way to get in touch for questions, comments, suggestions, etc. is through

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