SmartRules Unlimited Rules

EDIT: This deal is no longer available, but since it seemed to be a hit, we’ll do it again sometime. Thanks everyone.

To celebrate finally fixing the terrible authentication bug, and to apologize for how long it took, we’re offering a rare discount on the unlimited rules purchase in SmartRules. It’s usually $10, but for tonight and tomorrow it will only be $5.99.

SmartRules is an iOS app that provides a simple, clean interface to create powerful rules with your SmartThings devices, with no programming required. Rules have a simple 3 part format:

  1. if any of these happen (triggers)
  2. while any/all of these are true (conditions)
  3. then do these (actions)

Check out our site,, for more info or feel free to ask questions here.


Glad to hear it’s fixed! I really like the ease and simplicity of SmartRules. :sunglasses: If you have iOS, it’s definitely worth considering.


Any plans for an offer period again? I’m tempted but actually only need 2 rules so hard to justify the £10 / $13

I don’t know your household, its “smarts / complexity”, or your family’s routines, but I suspect that once you have a couple of Rules functioning reliably, you will pretty easily think of other valuable stuff to automate.

When writing a custom SmartApp was/is required, dismissing these little automations is the first instinct; but with a tool as easy and effective as SmartRules, your home will become more and more “convenient”.

Nothing planned right now, but I’ll think about doing a “flash sale” sometime soon. I’ll post on the community if and when that happens.

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