SmartRules app: rules suggestions

Please post suggestions, screenshots of what you’ve made in smart rules app. This is to help the community on ideas that others can copy and edit from.


I’ll share one:

I just got a ring door bell and had to remove the z-wave dry contact I was using before to get doorbell notifications (it didn’t like the nightvision power booster you need to hookup to the transformer for the Ring Pro.)

I send a command from IFTTT to trigger a virtual switch I created in ST called Virtual Doorbell Switch. I know, I’m a naming wizard!

The rule checks if the switch is on with the condition that my hub is in night mode which I have set via ST routines to move into at sunset.


I have another rule (RULE#2) that turns off my front porch light if its been on for more than 5 minutes after 9PM (lights have been staying given this rule…waiting for the fix), and then needed a way to reset the virtual switch so that the doorbell press would turn the lights back on again.


Takes a few more steps (rules) than with what you can do with Rule Machine, but if you are on iOS Smart Rules is a nice clean looking app and much more approachable.

Something I’ve never dabbled in yet, virtual switches. Are they easy to do? Brings a lot more control as well if IFTTT can trigger them as well?

Yes, IFTTT is really just one dimensional…if this…than that. so just that that. By triggering the virtual switch your can basically integrate IFTTT into your rules, the virtual switch being the conduit. Not ideal, but gets the job done when their isn’t integration.

Virtual Switches are very easy to create: