Can I make this rule?

(Chris Fichter) #1

Switch a. A virtual switch, turned on manually at any given time, will trigger switch B momentary switch on at 4:30am, after switch B is activated switch a will turn off.

I do not want switch A to be a momentary switch.

Can I do this all in one rule on rule machine? Or am I just going to have to use Smart lighting app to turn off switch a at 4:31 a.m.?

(might be my fake name?) #2

Rule machine:

Condition: time is 0430.
Actions for true: turn switch a on.

In the same RM menu, do this: delay by 15 seconds- turn off switch a.

Make another rule machine rule that says turn switch a off at 4:31 AM.

You may need a second RM rule that says

Condition: if switch a is on,

Actions for true turn on switch b.
Actions for false, nothing.

(Morgan) #3

Is Rule Machine back? I thought it was gone?

(might be my fake name?) #4

What if you make a rule machine rule that says if switch is on, turn on switch b.

And then under restrictions, only when time is between 430 and 4:31 AM.

And then make another rule machine rule that says if switch a is on, delay off; switch a after 15 seconds?

(might be my fake name?) #5

Those of us that were able to acquire rule machine while it was still up are still able to use it.


This is how I do it as well @eric182

I do this for a Ring Doorbell which if it detects a ring IFTTT turns on a virtual switch. I have a rule that says if the Virtual Switch is on between 10PM and Sunrise then turn on the Front Porch Lights, etc. I then have two other rules. One that says if Virtual Switch is on Turn off and that action is delayed by 1 minutes. The other one saying if the Porch Light is one then between 10PM and Sunrise then turn off after a 5 minute delay.

So it resets it self and ready to go again. The delay with IFTTT isn’t so bad and I actually like that it is not instantaneous…makes you think that maybe someone turned on the lights versus just being automated.

I’m sure there is a more efficient way, but this has been working well.

(Chris Fichter) #7

Well it looks like I’ll just use Smart lighting app to turn off switch A. Thanks guys.