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(Eric) #323

WebCORE is nice, but frankly doesn’t have a candle to SmartRules for ease of use. WebCore is far more powerful, but more power comes at the expense of usability for most. I think they both have places in the ecosystem for sure. I hope SmartRules stays around!

(John) #324

Thanks for the update everyone. I know nothing about WebCore. Anyone have a link for some more info?


Thanks Brice, and thanks for SmartRules.

(John) #326

Thanks @obycode I’m going to wait until it’s fixed and then thing about upgrading to have more than one rule. I was just starting to play with it and noticed it wasn’t there anymore.

(Brian Smith) #327

@slagle - any help here, Tim? Not sure if you can grease the skids on this one at all? Me needs me SmartRules! :slight_smile:


(Tim Slagle) #329

I am already working with Brice.

(John) #330

Thanks @JDRoberts I’ve already dug in (programming background) and installed it and pulled off what I was hoping to do with my thermostats today. I can certainly see the power of webCoRE already and can’t wait to find more uses for my smart home. I’ll check out the references you pointed out.


(Christopher) #331

Thanks for the update!

(Brian Smith) #332


(Edwin Weston) #333

SmartRules “Rules!” I just love it!

(Brice; #334

The fix is “Waiting for Review”. More details to come…

(Brice; #335

The terrible horrible login bug of 2017 has finally been slain!! :dragon::dagger:. We finally found a solution to that awful login bug that we’ve been suffering over for the last several weeks. Please update your SmartRules app to the latest version, 2.1.4. If it is not showing yet, it should propagate throughout the App Store very soon, so keep an eye out.

SmartThings is still looking into what is causing an error from the old implementation and they hope to identify the issue to prevent others from hitting this problem. Thanks to some help from the good folks over at ActionTiles (check out their product if you haven’t seen it before, it’s pretty awesome), we were finally able to work around the error.

As an added bonus, this new implementation has some other benefits over the old version. Since we now use the standard Safari popover, you get added security since you can be assured that we cannot intercept your password and other private information. You’ll also see the SmartThings URL along with the :lock: in the address bar, confirming that you are properly connected to the secure site. And finally, my favorite new feature, this Safari popover has access to all of your saved passwords, making login a snap!

As usual, please let us know if you have problems, questions, suggestions or just want to say hi! :wave: Have a great night.

PS - If you haven’t already purchased, we cut the price of the unlimited rules purchase to celebrate and apologize for the trouble. Tonight and tomorrow only.

SmartRules Unlimited Rules
iTunes api and Smartthings
( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #336

Thank’s for the shout-out, Brice! Glad to hear that we were able to help a bit.

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Be Smart, and get into Action! – You Rule! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Mitchell Lu) #337

Your BeaconThings have same problem, but t did not fix yet, Please help to fix the BeaconThings issue

(Brad Buckles) #338

Bummer. The discount is not showing up.

(Paul Ross) #339

Hey , any news on android release did scan through but didn’t spot anything

(Dtm) #340

Hey there, trying out smart rules for the first time, not sure if I’m just not finding it…but what I’d like to do is simply have a light switch turn on when my door lock is unlocked by keypad. This way, it ensures the interior lights only go on if I’m coming home/entering from the outside.

Doesn’t seem to be an option to select how the door is unlocked though. Is this something that can be added? Thanks

(Brice; #341

I just noticed this message here (the best way to reach us for support is via Thanks for your input! :slight_smile: You’re right, we currently don’t know the difference between a manual unlock and a code unlock. It’s definitely on the list of todo items.

(Dtm) #342

Any progress with adding these differences? I’ve resorted to webcore in the meantime and holding off on purchasing your full version without this.