Simplerulebuilder - now private

Developing for SmartThings has proven to be frustrating and un-fun. I am revoking public access to this app.


Very cool! Great start and one I will be watching as it progresses!

Cool beans! Watching as well!
I’d like to +1 “powerMeter” for trigger and condition
Thanks if considered!

Very cool. What about switching modes? And then can you have conditions when and when not to switch modes and have switches or sensors changes modes?

I think that if/when I decide to incorporate modes all of that would be possible.

A mode could be a Trigger, Condition, or Action and could be combined with any of the other Triggers, Conditions, or Actions already available.

Trigger: Mode changes to ______
Condition: Mode is ______
Action: Change mode to ______

Something like that.

Since I started using the rule engine I’ve moved away from relying on modes, but I think I can still see value in them. An unlimited number of time based triggers and flexible conditions have replaced most of my need for them.

Do you have a specific application in mind?


I will PM you and to discuss some situations with certain devices that I have.

Looks like another ActiON in the works! I have always wanted to have an IF/THEN/ELSE AND/OR/NOT type interface to build ST apps instead of learning Groovy with the dubious ST documentation.

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Great start! Great job!

You beat me to it! I had this concept for a while and I was planning to get to it once I finish ActiON Dashboard. Well, it’s been 6 months and counting…

I’m glad you created this!


This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. The smart apps are great and people have done amazing things. A rules engine with a wizard let’s anybody create (and improve on) the functionality of smart apps in minutes with no coding experience.

I have to say… It’s unfortunate that an end-user/developer released this before ST (not to be a downer on the project, but)…

Actually, this is one of the things I love about ST. Users CAN make this kind of thing before ST releases something. ST has to be super careful about what they release, so they have to take extra steps to make sure it is safe. This kind of thing where a independent developer can put something out without having to go through the testing is great so we can get that functionality earlier.

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Would it be possible to have an “or”?

Here’s the deal. I have a heater in my bathroom. If the temp is below 40 and either me or my wife are home, I want it on.

I guess I could create four rules:

  1. If temp below 40, and wife home, turn on.
  2. If temp below 40, and I’m home, turn on.
  3. If temp below 40 and wife not home, and i’m not home, turn off.
  4. If temp above 39, turn off.

Keep it simple, right?


I had to add a lot more rules than I thought I would.

  1. If wife comes home and temp below 40, turn on
  2. If I come home and temp below 40, turn on
  3. If wife leaves and I am not home, turn off
  4. If I leave and wife is not home, turn off
  5. If temp above 39, turn off
  6. If temp below 40 and wife is home, turn on
  7. If temp below 40 and I am home, turn on

It’s much easier than coding, but it is somewhat tedious. I’m not sure allowing more complex rules would be “better”. Allowing a “save as” to make a new rule from an existing one would help, I think. (But only a little…)

So, I’ve entered the rule, but can’t really test if it works until, you know, we all leave and stuff.


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If you have 6 and 7, why do you need 1 and 2?

Another feature request: action timeout.
F.e. When this is turns on, turn that off after 5 minutes.

I need to account for temp changing when we are home and for heater turning off when we leave. First thing is the trigger. Second thing is a condition for the trigger.

#1 is if wife comes home and temp is below. Wife is trigger, temp is condition.
#6 is if temp below and wife is home. Temp is trigger, wife is condition.

So 6 is really “if temp falls below” not “is below”?

Or a simple wait x minutes action command

Well since it’s a trigger, I think that is implied.

It works!