Is there a way to separate the Smart Lights into different sections(for example by rooms) instead of having a long list of automations?

Not sure I understand your question. Are you saying you want an routine specific to each room of the house (for example Living Room On, Bedroom Off etc)? Can you describe in a little more detail what you are trying to accomplish?

If you mean actually putting a separator into the list; not that I’m aware of. Only way I’ve seen people “Group” them is to number or name them same:


  1. Lighting 1
  2. Lighting 2
  3. Lighting 3
  4. Lighting 4


Room1 - Lighting 1
Room1 - Lighting 2
Room2 - Lighting 3
Room3 - Lighting 4

Yes you can group by rooms. You can assign your smart things (lights, sensors etc) to rooms and change the rooms in the IDE site as needed.

Intead of having 1 long list of the lighting automations have something like this or be able to organize them

Smart Lighting

 --- Room 1 
       -- automation 1 
       -- automation 2
 -- Room 2 
       -- automation 1
      -- automation 2
 -- Office 
      -- automation 1
      -- automation 2 

And so on

When you add a thing it asks if you want to add it to a room. On your IDE page, under the location tab it has groups. Your rooms are there.

Under the my devices tab, select the thing you want to put in a room. Go to the bottom of the page & click edit.

Then scroll down to group and you can select the groups that you created previously.

Then click update.

OK, I see what you are suggesting. No, you can’t do that within the SmartThings app. Now you can make things somewhat more organized on the “Automations” screen within the app by assigning names such as Bedroom On and Bedroom Off to your routines. Then the automations screen with at least be organized in alphabetical order of your automations by room.

As with all things SmartThings there is always more than one way to do any one thing. You might consider checking out SmarTiles as another method of organizing and utilizing your automations. There are several threads and lots of help available here on using that if your interested.

Hi @Bautista457, the answer is no :frowning: the options for displaying the configuration page on the mobile app are limited. All the automations are basically small smartapps so smart lights basically list them.