Group option for Automations

The good thing is that automations look to be more feature rich to not need to develop a smartapp.

But because you have to be specific for each rule, rather then engaging with an app and the devices needed, means a significant number of rules to make what you want to work.

It would be great if you could create a group of rules, that relate to a similar function of rules.

With so many rules it becomes difficult to find your rules, so if it was grouped it would be more clear they relate to the same automation. For example to make a 2 way switch work I need 4 automations (basically so it does not cycle in a loop). I have many other types of automations that would group, and would make it clearer to see it is related. To date I have used naming convention and position to help keep it organised (Handy hint if you have the same problem).


Adding a ‘mirror’ action in automations would reduce a bunch of rules as well. It is the only thing I will miss from the smart lighting app. I like to pair smart bulbs with smart switches and keeping them synced isn’t straightforward. You can easily cause loops depending on the implementation of the drivers.

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They’re going to remove that from the new platform version of the app?

I don’t know. I assumed they would have to get rid of that since it isn’t directly supported in the automations themselves. Maybe it will still work though. That would be nice.

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