Smartlighting not shown in new automations tab? (Aug 2021)

Is Smartlighting going away in favour of automations ?

The reason i ask, the new automations tab per device does not show any automation connected to smart lighting ?

I was trawling through my devices checking automations for unused unwanted entries and came to realise many devices, although involved in an automatic change did not have any information in the automations tab because they are linked to smartlighting

So my question, do we move smartlighting automations to ‘automations’ ?

The new automations tab does not link to custom apps either, I guess a prelude nail in the proverbial IDE coffin


The below comment is not the resolution, please edit JD

There was a mention earlier this Spring that Smart Lighting would eventually be phased out but there was no mention of a date.

Have you tried enabling developer mode to see if they show?

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Looks like this could be why smartlighting does not show

Just tried… no custom app shortcuts appear in automations tab jkp

Only things that show are ST automations, nothing else sadly

And this is with the newest version of the android app? Do they show in

On my Automations page in the app, I have three headings:

  • Scenes
  • Automations
  • SmartApps

Smart Lighting shows up under the SmartApps heading with a couple of other things.

Android, app version on Samsung Tab S5e.

Previous version of the app… could @fido be on the latest version?


Seems I had a pending update to the app.

I’m now on app version

Automations page still has the three headings and still has Smart Lighting.

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OK, hang on guys, I thought I had described everything in my first post

I reference the latest update 17 69 23

A device tile now has an automation tab like the classic version of ST used to have, that new tab shows automations the device is connected to but not smartlighting, maybe I should have put ver. Number on the Op

Yep, as usual… looks like I misread.

From what I have seen, the devices only show automations that they are linked to.

Sorry, my brain skipped over the “per device” part of your description.

Same here, no reference to Smart Lighting in the automations tab on the device pages.

It’s all good, probably just my south Hampshire UK accent that confused things

So to my question, is Smartlighting going away and do I now have to move many many SL automations over to ‘automations’

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My feeling is SL will probably go when groovy goes but that is only a guess on my part. You may want to start thinking about it but I am not going to say switch right away because someone else will come behind and say not to :slight_smile:

The current Smart Lighting implementation will certainly be going away when the legacy platform is switched off, along with all Groovy DTHs and SmartApps and the Groovy IDE.

There might be a replacement but I’d imagine it is more likely that Automations will be given sufficient functionality to be able to do anything Smart Lighting can do, though not necessarily with a single new Automation replacing a single Smart Lighting automation.

I would have been disappointed if it had been, given the above.

I gota ask now before you lot leave, so now I have a whole lot of work to do… jeez

TBH I’m still not sure I will be around aftet the IDE goes, I count on it for my Fibaro RGBW controler and @cobras custom apps, after we loose custom apps I’m hosed on that 1 thing alone let alone some other bits and pieces I use in there

Just counted my SL automations
44 :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::rage::rage::rage:

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I had this feedback from ST a couple of weeks ago when I asked about SmartLighting…

“SmartLighting isn’t going anywhere right now. We know that’s an important SmartApp for users which is why much of the functionality in it has already been added to local execution via Rule API”.