SmartLighting Failure - Turning off a device randomly

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Worse yet. It does not do this everynight. Day before last it ran until 830am. This morning, it shut off at 450am as shown.

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Yesterday… worked fine…

Worked like this for several days in fact…

Last episode was 4 days ago.

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“Thanks for writing in, so sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve gone ahead and pushed a blanket update to all of your SmartApps, that should kickstart the scheduling. Please let me know if it’s still misbehaving!”


Any idea what this means? What is the blanket update?

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It means they just hit the update button on all of your apps for you. … in other words. … nothing.

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I did get some updates from support. See below. I guess it make sense, but what does not is - why would this be a one off update that is applied only when problems are reported? Why doesn’t this get applied to everyone?

Would love to hear from @slagle, as this is demonstrative of an issue in ST, even if isolated.

Hi JH1,

Our old scheduler would work more often than not, but if it misfired you had to go in and manually reschedule events. We recently updated to a new scheduler, that outside of a couple of initial hiccups, constantly checks the set time and reschedules if necessary. Moving forward everything should would as expected.


"SmartThings Support"
SmartThings Support

Apr 25, 1:57 PM

“SmartThings Support” -

Thank you for the clarification. So a question about that, the timer - more often than not hits at the right time. 830am. However, every so often it hits at 450am. Seems to be the exact same wrong time at 450am. So how does this update fix that? Is this a one time force that all apps go out and check for scheduling accuracy? Or if it’s on going - how exactly does it work?


“SmartThings Support” (SmartThings)
Apr 25, 1:04 PM

Hi JH1,

Sure it just forces all your of your SmartApps to reach out to the scheduler, and check to see if their next scheduled job is at the correct time as dictated by the automation, and if not it automatically reschedules it for the proper time.


"SmartThings Support"
SmartThings Support

Apr 25, 12:17 PM

Hi “SmartThings Support”.

Thank you. Can you explain what the blanket update is?