Reliability Tracker for JH1

In the spirit of SBDOBRESCU, I am creating my own crude version of a scorecard for SmartThings.

I will track each issue as it arrises. If I attribute an issue to a configuration I have made, or if the community feels it is due to configuration I will mark it as such.

If not the assumption will be - these are on SmartThings.

I welcome ideas on for extra data to track. I am trying to keep this pretty basic.

I would include the number of minutes it requires of your own time to investigate each issue, and hopefully fix it. There’s a big difference for most people between a problem that takes one minute to fix and a problem that takes hours.


Thanks for the replies.

Nailed again last night with the scheduler that seems to randomly get it wrong, and when it gets it wrong it ALWAYS gets it wrong at 450 am. Strange.

I have updated the spreadsheet as suggested. Thanks JD>

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Note that I have not noticed additional schedule events go bad in the last two days as many are reporting. My scheduling issue - on the bed fan - has been ongoing for at least a month and there is a distinct pattern to it, it is not completely random. I do not know if they are related or not.

Also note that I likely would not notice all schedule issues in my environment as I don’t actively track them and don’t have a ton of interest in spending more time doing so. I am more on the side of hoping they stabalize and once I am confident it is I will see if everything is working to my design. If I chase down every bug reported, I will have no time to do anything else.

I notice the bed fan because it wakes me up. I would also notice my kitchen hot water pot not being on via the timer, but so far it has been on when I needed it.

New Issue.

Latest Events - as you can see it missed today:

Date Source Type Name Value User Displayed Text
2016-04-28 9:00:00.564 AM CDT
1 day ago APP SOLUTION_EVENT status off Home - Kitchen Hot Water 630am-9am turned off lights
2016-04-28 6:30:00.762 AM CDT
1 day ago APP SOLUTION_EVENT status on Home - Kitchen Hot Water 630am-9am turned on lights

Home - Kitchen Hot Water 630am-9am

SmartApp: Lighting Automation Owner: System
Settings List Events

Name Type Value
action enum on
days enum []
lights capability.switch Switch Kitchen Hot Water
modes mode Home, Night
overrideLabel bool true
scheduledTime time 6:30 AM CDT
scheduledTimeFollowup time 9:00 AM CDT
trigger enum At a Specific Time

Updated Tracker.

First post updated. Getting really frustrated with the lack of commitment from ST to engage and troubleshoot these issues. Rather it seems they just take guesses and put the owness to execute those guesses on the end user - and there is not confidence there will be success.

On the weirdness that always happens at the same time each day, you might look for the following:

  1. is there a baby monitor or security camera in the house that does a back up or reboot around that time?

  2. check your Internet connection logs and see if anything flaky happens at that time

  3. if you have a UPS on the same circuit as the fan, check to see if it’s doing a reboot at that time.

  4. if you are using hub v2 and you have batteries in it, consider leaving the batteries out for one night and see if you get any smartthings messages around that time.

  5. set up a smart lighting rule that does something innocuous at about five minutes before the poltergeist time. So if the unexpected event happens at 4:50 AM, schedule smart lighting to turn a light on and then off again 10 minutes later in some part of the house where it won’t wake anyone up. In fact, ideally I would like there to be two of these new rules. One set for the poltergeist time of 4:50 AM, and one set for a few minutes after the fan scheduled time. But again, only set up something that won’t disrupt the household.

For 1) we are looking for local interference. For two, three, and four we’re looking for a momentary interruption or an electrical spike.

For five, we’re looking for a scheduling problem where SmartThings temporarily thinks you’re in a different time zone or something. You have been seeing it on a device which is scheduled for a later time. I’d like to see if it happens on a device which is scheduled for that specific time. This would allow you to capture log events for that light. That might have some information. If the light runs correctly even on a night when the fan runs incorrectly, then we’re back to looking at one through four. But if the fan and the light both fail on the same night, it’s more likely to be a SmartThings platform issue. And if the second light which is scheduled for the same time as the fan fails in the same way as the fan, it’s almost definitely a platform problem.

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