Smartlighting APP strange behavior

I have tried to get this to work but getting a strange error, hoping someone would help.

I have three switches (GE paddle on/off) named: Living room, Kitchen and Control

The kitchen switch turns on lighting in kitchen but this is far from the front of the kitchen so I placed the Control switch at the front of the kitchen and it is not tied to a load (essentially a dummy switch to use as a “three way switch” but the Control and the Kitchen switched are not physically tied together through a 3 way circuit.

So I tried to make a Smartlighting app that would turn Kitchen on and off depending on the Control switch on/off. When I complete making this, I get an unspecified error every time.

So I tried this:

  1. making a smartlighting app using Living Room as a trigger to turn on/off the Kitchen - THIS WORKS
  2. making a smartlighting app using Control to turn on/off Living Room -WORKS
  3. making a smartlighting app using Control to turn on/off both Living Room and Kitchen at the same time -WORKS
  4. then I just modified this last smartlighting app by deleting Living Room and thus having Control turn on/off Kitchen- ERROR
  5. using the Kitchen to trigger on/off Control - ERROR

There is just something about the fact of using Kitchen and Control to trigger each other that seems to give me an unspecified error but if I combine another switch (ie living room) to the app it works.

Any body have any ideas or experienced something similar? Thanks


What are the exact model numbers of the three switches? And can you post a screenshot of the smart lighting automation that doesn’t work?