SmartHomeMonitor - without pin keypad?

None of the zwave keypads work with SmartThings.

Smarttiles in a phone browser is probably the easiest.

@tgauchat has an app that turns a minimote into a pin device. That’s a tiny handheld remote.

There’s an even smaller key fob remote from Securifi which has three buttons. It’s about the size of a car button fob. Works well with SmartThings. I don’t know if anyone has tried the pin smartapp with that though.

Very good news is that there is a brand-new zigbee wall-mounted keypad design for security systems by centralite which just came out. It looks like Lowes is going to carry it for Iris. Several community members are looking at getting that to work with smart things. It’s not there yet, but if they do get it working that will be an excellent keypad.

However, smarthome monitor still doesn’t have a delay, which means you have to put the keypad outside of the detection zone or the alarms will go off before you get the pin entered on your way in or when you open the door after arming the system on your way out. Hopefully smartthings will add a delay option soon. But for now you have to pick the location for the keypad very carefully even if it does work.

I think my own personal suggestion from now would be to use smarttiles on the phone because you can arm/disarm from either inside or outside the detection zone very easily that way.

Use the minimote or the Securifi key fob for anyone who doesn’t have a smart phone.

And then if the keypad does turn out to work, and SHM gets a delay feature, you can add that once everything is working smoothly.

Link to topic with information on the handheld devices: