Smarthings put my family in danger

Last month, without any notification, Samsung Smartthings put my families lives in danger when they disabled my fire/smoke alarms overnight, they did this by choice, not error. I have made reports to all oversights I can find I recommend you do the same if they did this do you for their bottom line.

There isn’t a single smart smoke detector on the market that won’t still function as a normal smoke detector without the smart aspect of it. But please go on…


Unless he is referring to one of the hub retirements such as the st-adt system or v1. Once they stopped working then ….

There have been cases where some users did not get notified of the end of those hubs.

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the smoke detector would still go off and make a ruckus even without a hub.


Sure, but if you were depending on professional monitoring, there are people who lost that in June. for example, it doesn’t matter how much noise the smoke detector makes locally, I need help to get out of the house.


Out of curiosity, who is that, exactly?

SmartThings is more of a hobby. do NOT rely on it for life and death. either way, you should have a secondary system like Ring. Lots of people already do.

That’s definitely true for most of the smartthings hubs, in fact the terms of service say as much.

But I do think that people who bought the dual logo ADT/smartthings model might reasonably have expected the same degree of reliability as they got from other ADT models and services. And indeed, that model did have its own proprietary frequency, much more local processing, and a cellular communications module, all of which made it much more comparable to similarly-priced security systems.

It’s been discontinued now, of course, which is unfortunate as there is no comparable smartthings-Branded system. :disappointed_relieved:

The people who bought it when it was available were, I think, logically entitled to a different set of expectations than the regular models.


Yes, I do have back up regular alarms. And yes, this was the ADT system. There was no notification at all, no email, no push notification, nothing, just noticed one morning that the system was reset and said need to update. I use these to know if my house has a fire while not at home so I can call my neighbor to ensure my dog’s and pets (family) safety. A regular alarm does not provide this, this is why I spent over $1000 only about a year ago. Samsung could have easily notified me as they multiple contact for me as they ensure to gather for their advertising, but could not be bothered to use it for anything but that. Those who just say “oh well, that’s life” are part of the problem why these companies are just getting worse with life cycles on products, they may not mind throwing their money away every couple years for they better of a company’s bottom line, I don’t.

For those interest, for the refund, they played games and said I didn’t send everything to them and reduced the amount they would pay, too $300. I spent $1000 because of what the advertised, to only get completely treated like trash about a year later. I will never buy Samsung again if I can avoid and will be returning the $1500 smartthings washer and dryer I just purchase from them, hope that helps their bottom line.

Google is your friend, they vary by state :slight_smile:

yeah, buy 2 products for when one decides to just disable theirs out of nowhere, I hope you like throwing your money away.

Yes, it does, I also have regular ones. I bought these because of their advertising, Why do you just blindly support companies treating customers like garbage for their bottom line?

Indeed they do, I also have regular ones. Why do you support a company selling a product to customers and then for their bottom line bricking it when it clearly did not need to be bricked. These work on IOT tech like all their other products, there was no reason to brick only these.

Yes, this was the case. I received absolutely no notification or email. Plenty of ads from them, but they couldn’t be bothered to care about their customers safety.

Sean, I havent thrown any money away. I never bought into the ST/ADT setup as something didnt quite sit right and little by little over the last couple of years I read that it was doing down hill and going to be shut down.

I’m confused by this. In order to send in for the refund, you knew ahead of time that the ADT system was being shutdown June 1. So why are you surprised the connected features of the smoke alarm didn’t work after that?


Exactly. And it was known it would happen in June.

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