Smarthings new video features Ecobee3?

I have had the Ecobee3 since it was released. Contact with Smarthings has always told me they are always working on trying to get new devices like the Ecobee3 as an approved device. Why if Smarthings has failed to make it an approved device to work with the Samrthings hub are they featuring the item in the new sales video shown for CES? Here is the video link

Can a represinitive with Smarthings please explain why this is shown in the video? Is it a mistake or is it going to be available as an approved device soon? I would love to link the Ecobee3 thermostat with Smarthings like your video shows.

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I believe that @yvesracine’s Ecobee device and related SmartApps work excellently…; There’s very few devices that SmartThings does not approve of; even if they are not fully in the “Marketplace”, they still work fine (and some Community developed devices and apps are much better than the SmartThings’s developed ones, frankly).!store/tc3yr

True as it may be, featuring a device in the promotional video implies that it is officially supported, when in fact, as we all know, SmartThings does not support community-developed devices. That sounds like false advertisement to me.

There is also an open source version available here:

Thnx Terry, I’m also working with ST to solve the cloud-to-cloud issues that affect devices such as MyEcobee and MyQ devices.

These devices are more sensitive to ST cloud reliability issues due to their security policies ( which, for ecobee, require to refresh the authorization tokens every hour).

I’m also in contact with ecobee so that they expose their API servers status to the developers in order to eliminate any doubt on the APIs availability on their end.

Those actions will take some time, but better reliability is the key for more happy customers!


I am a supporter of yvesracine and provided a donation when he created the first version of his code. But due only to my own lack of being able to get the new version of the code to work I am now stuck not having my Ecobee3 linked with Smarthings. I am glad Smarthings is an open platform. I just can’t seam to get the ecobee and smarthings to communicate properly.

We’re about three weeks into revamping our Ecobee integration. When we get it to a happy place we’ll make it more clear on our site that the Ecobee3 is an officially compatible thermostat.

In the mean time let’s all give @yvesracine a big hug for his awesome Ecobee integration!


@Tyler thanks for your reply. It makes me excited to know your team is working on it.

Don’t hold your breath though. In SmartThings language, in a few weeks ™ is about 18 month, give or take. :smile:

Wait, does this mean that you guys are working on an official driver?

I spoke with several guys in the Samsung booth today (at CES in Las Vegas) and was given a lot of encouragement to submit the updates I’ve been working on for publication. (I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but will just say that one of the individuals was a director working with the mobile side that would likely be “in the know”) There was never a mention of work going on with an official integration.

Should I stop working on the items I’ve been working on and wait for the official release? Or is there still value in the work that I’ve been doing?

@WP1101, have you tried the code that I’ve made available? We have about 58 people using it now successfully. So far there have only been minor issues reported and a some feature requests that I’m adding.

Some users have even reported success with using some of their existing auxiliary SmartApps with my code that they were previously using.

We’ve had an official integration for the ecobee3 for over a year. It’s been in the “SmartThings Labs” category. Over the past few months we’ve been compiling feedback and bug reports and are now in the middle of a sprint to improve the integration.

The code is in the SmartThingsPublic Github repo. I don’t want to discourage you if you’re working on something, but it may be worth looking at the code in the repo. We accept pull requests, and @yaimavaldivia is heading up the improvements right now and should be able to answer any specific questions you have.


Hmmm, okay, I’m working off of the SmartThingsPublic Github repo version using a fork.

I found the existing code to be broken in several places (such as assuming a two hour refresh time). It also lacked support for Celsius. I’m pushing the code with the Celsius updates to my main branch right now, actually.

There were empty stubs for some of the key capability functions such as “fanOn()” and “setThermostatMode()”. These are the next ones on my list to work on to enable integration with things like Rules Engine.

I still have quite a bit of code cleanup that I wanted to do before submitting the pull request, but I guess I might want to accelerate it to get it seen. Otherwise, @yaimavaldivia can take a sneak peak at the work here (including an installation guide that I put together):

I plan on trying your code this week. I will let you know the outcome sir. Thanks for the response.