Smarthings hub - Windows 10 (Cortana) integration?

newbie here!

But i was wondering if somehow i can add my laptop win 10 as a smart device on samsung hub (v2)?

Or if i could connect them so they see each other and hence use Win 10 features like Cortana or “stay signed in if connected to xxx”

First tip for new folk: start with the Search. :wink: not only may you find an answer to your question, but you will also find other people that you can talk to who are probably either doing or trying to do what you want to do.

In this case, see the following threads that discuss Cortana integration (each is a clickable link)

And this thread for a more technical discussion For powering the laptop on and off from smartthings:


I use Cortana for basic controls of my home. I have a lot (really a lot) of virtual switches that set scenes and actions and virtual switches and voice control works great. By doing this method I can use Cortana, Alexa, Google, or any other voice platform without tons of configuration in their apps.

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Hello @JDRoberts

Thank you for valuable and precise input. I did google around but apparently not enough as i stumbled upon first 2 links only.
The third as a workaround does provide the solution i needed!


@JDRoberts is our neighborhood Guru. He knows his stuff!

Let me know if you need any help with the setup as I have all of my PCs fully integrated.

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I have been using Windows 10 - Cortana with my only SmartThings location / Hub v2 for several months.
Recently, Cortana started saying there are no devices that it can control. If you go to settings, I see all is connected, but no devices are appearing.
Tried to disconnect ST from Cortana, and in ST app remove Microsoft, and reconnect again. All connected again, no error. But still Cortana does not see any my ST devices.
I have several ST bulbs which I used to control with Cortana/voice, but now I can’t anymore.

P.S. It looks like some update with “scenes” from Cortana side that I did not notice before.

Anyhow, Cortana with SmartThings does not detect any ST devices now for several days.
Any idea?

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I been testing it and have found it only controls my TP Link, Hue, Alexa, but nothing at all from smartthings…

I have an issue where I can get Cortana to Connect to Samsung Smarthings, but as soon as I give Cortana a command, it asks me to authenticate yet again. I authenticate again it displays code at this point, which appears to be a success.

On the Samsung apps, it shows Cortana successfully connected, but the integration is still broke. Any ideas?

In a nutshell, it looks like I am caught in an authentication loop where it never caches the credentials necessary to make this work solely with voice integration.

Microsoft did terminate Cortana for lot of countries, and lot of integration, for me, Cortana is dead for SmartThings, I have moved to Alexa.

I am more interested in hearing back from people who do have it working. I appreciate the recommendations, but I am looking for a solution to solve my particular issue.

Has anyone run into the issue I am describing, and if yes, what if anything did you do to resolve it? Thanks in advance.

I got this working after realizing you don’t need to say “Samsung” in the commands. If you do say Samsung it brings up a command to connect and leaves you stuck in an unnecessary loop. Guess, I will be getting some more mileage out of Cortana after all.

Cortana still lives!