Smarthings controlling Hassio?

Hello was wondering if its possible to use Home assistant devices via smarthings
I know theres guide out there, regarding MQTT bridge, but it only indicates HASS controlling smarthings, not the opposite


Although this is interesting, it is typical that HA is a layer that interacts with devices in ST which are not able to be used in HA.

Example: Garage door opener (Barrier Device) - I know there’s some have it working, but still not a good solid solution for HA yet.

The typical z-wave garage door opener is not supported in HA but it is in ST. So people will use the MQTT bridge to be able to access and control the door through HA.

However I have not seen anyone doing the reverse of using ST to control HA. But as I started out this is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure of the value without some examples being provided.

ST has support for more devices currently than HA does, hence the need and usage of the MQTT bridge.

Well smarthings for sure its easier
Regarding support for devices, i think HA has a wider range of stuff to control
Not saying smarthings is bad or anything, but in an ideal world, it would nice to have both of them sync

I just recently installed the HA bridge and it was a royal pain to setup
I did 1 automation so far and it was very hard learning .yaml
Also webcore the whole reason why i would like smarthing to control devices that are on HA, it sooooo much easier to create a multi level rule

Both are “easy” with different learning curves. Try taking a multisensor and setting it up in HA to report correctly. That’ll make you scream! :smile:

There are a few things HA does off the bat like showing Plex status and remote playback controls and some wifi things, but other than things like that I’m curious about other things HA may do that ST doesn’t, or more importantly things HA does that ST “Can’t” do. The Can’t do is the important factor, well, to me at least.

YAML takes a bit of getting used to. HA being written in Python and Yaml is actually something I like about it.

However the HA/MQTT bridge does work both ways for devices that are in ST and HA, so you can control a device in ST and if the bridge is setup then HA reports the status correctly and vice versa. So if you turn on/off a switch from HA or ST it doesn’t matter the info is shared through the bridge. The bridge was a means developed by a user to move away from ST and it’s a good bridge.

Personally I like having both. Like with all automation systems, each have their benefits. I like the “local” control of HA with automations, but WebCore is so simple to use in comparison. But for now, I don’t have anything critical that I can’t live without if I lose internet, but for some that difference of local/remote control of a device and an automation running could be very critical.

Oh just remembered. As I re-read your point on a “wider range of stuff to control”. Setup some zigbee things with HA. The few I tinkered with didn’t fair too well. This may have been my USB controller stick or HA, who knows. But I used the only Z-Wave/Zigbee stick that is currently supported and it worked, but had it’s own issues with ZigBee.

You want a real fun time, go setup OpenHAB :smiling_imp:

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