SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt SmartThings Dashboard Icon Color

I have the SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt connected to SmartThings, works great.

My complaint is that in the Dashboard of the SmartThings app, when the lock is locked, it shows a blue round icon… I’d like this to be green… I’d like when it’s unlocked, for that same icon to be red.

I have done custom icons like this for custom device handlers, but because this isn’t custom, there’s no way (that I know of) to edit the code to change the background color hex code.

Any suggestions or has anyone else done this? Basically, I want all door switches and locks to show green when closed or locked, and red when open or unlocked. Visually, this works better for me than blue and white.

Thanks in advance!

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You’ll need a custom handler to do it, the color is determined by the handler and cannot be customized. ST has blue as the default recommended color.

Thanks. That’s what I was afraid of. I wish ST would give us the option to change color. I think the red/green I want to do makes sense for many things.

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Thanks for bringing this up, as currently ActionTiles has only 4 Tile Appearances that can be defined and assigned to each Theme assigned to a dashboard Panel.

This might suffice for your requirements, as you could use our “Accent” and “Warn” Intentions for your Locks.

But we do have a Feature Request under consideration to allow each Tile to have custom colors.